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Approved AMC’s

Important Note

Order your appraisal in TPO Connect by logging in, opening your loan and clicking the Appraisal Portal link in Loan Actions.

You may not collect payment information until the applicants have executed the Intent to Proceed issued by Angel Oak.

When ordering an appraisal:

  • Broker Clients: Please select Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions as the lender.
  • Correspondents: Please select yourself as the lender.
  • Investment properties require comparable rent schedule form 1007
Automated Valuation Models (AVM)
ClearCapital (AVM)
Post Disaster Inspection

E-Sign Instructions

Loan Submission Documents

Mortgagee Clause

Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions LLC

980 Hammond Drive
Suite 850
Atlanta, GA 30328

Other Documents

Training Guides

Training Videos

Borrower Disclosures

How To Register & Request Disclosures - non-QM

How To Register & Request Disclosures - Agency

How To Request A Change Of Circumstance

How To Request A Lock

How to Submit Your Loan to Underwriting

How to Submit Loan Conditions

How to Reissue Credit and LPA (Agency)

Broker Approval Process

Appraisal Portal

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