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DSCR Loan Calculator

Angel Oak’s DSCR loan calculator offers a streamlined analysis of a property’s cash flow, assisting real estate investors, brokers, and borrowers in assessing the property’s income generating potential. DSCR Loans, or debt service coverage ratio loans, are used for financing short-term or long-term rental properties and allow borrowers to qualify based on the expected cash flow to determine ability to repay the loan.

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This calculator is for estimation purposes only. It is a basic calculator using information entered by you which may differ from the actual terms at the time the loan terms are set. The calculator does not include fees and costs that may apply to a loan, and it does not account for all loan programs. Results may vary and will be subject to individual program guidelines and limits. Qualification, rates, and payment will vary based on timing and individual circumstances. The results do not reflect an official mortgage loan offer or a commitment to lend. Please contact a licensed mortgage loan originator for more information regarding your specific needs and situation.


What is DSCR?
Debt service coverage ratio or DSCR is a measurement of a property’s expected cash flow to determine ability to repay a mortgage loan. Click here for more information on Angel Oak's DSCR loan program.
How debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) is calculated?
The debt service coverage ratio (DSCR) is the ratio of a property's cash flow to its annual mortgage debt. Angel Oak includes principal, interest, taxes, insurance and HOA fees in the mortgage debt. The ratio is calculated by taking the expected rental payment and dividing it by the annual mortgage debt RDP (Rent Divided PITIA= DSCR).
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