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Experience Matters: Don’t Lose Business By Working With The Wrong Non-QM Lender

Choosing an Experienced Non-QM Lender Matters More Than Ever
Brokers have been forced to do more than just adapt in this market; many have had to rethink their entire process, their partners, and the products they have at their disposal. With so many lenders now offering non-QM, we want to issue a warning: don’t tarnish your business reputation and referral network by working with a lender that doesn’t bring a significant level of expertise and a track record of success.

Avoiding the Real Risk of Chasing Rates
Protect your referral network by protecting your reputation. Recently, we have seen the Agency mentality of chasing the lowest rate at all costs work its way into the non-QM sector. This is risky business for brokers—taking the chance of jeopardizing a client’s ability to purchase a home in exchange for finding a slightly lower rate on a mortgage that might not close. While some lenders may be willing to offer a better rate, have they asked the right questions to get the necessary documentation? Do they understand a borrower’s unique situation and—before it’s too late—how that may impact the loan application process?

Non-QM loans, by their very nature, require a high degree of knowledge and expertise. Originators must work with a lender that has a deep understanding of risk assessment and borrower evaluation in order to make quality loans that actually get to the closing table. This is not a rate-chasing game; there’s no black box that spits out a clean “yes” or “no” answer.

Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions is a lender with more than a decade of non-QM experience. Over the years, we’ve honed our skills and refined our processes, ensuring that we have the best team to help you navigate this complex landscape with precision and confidence. We’ve been here many times before, and we understand the questions to ask—the questions that will deliver a high success rate.

Specializing in Technology and Efficiency
While many firms are now venturing into the non-QM sector, it’s important to remember that it isn’t simply another revenue stream—it’s a specialized field requiring a unique set of skills and understanding. Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions has spent years dedicated to this sector, giving us an unparalleled depth of knowledge. We understand the nuances and intricacies of non-QM lending like no newcomer can.

Our tenure in the space allows us to offer a robust tech stack that isn’t a perk—it’s a necessity. Having technology that has been tested, refined, and perfected over the years means less paperwork and more prospecting. Our technology ensures seamless communication, real-time updates, and swift processing—making non-QM loans as easy as possible for both brokers and
borrowers. Our QuickQuote tool is the tip of the spear when it comes to technology offerings—an example of our commitment to technology and efficiency to help you close more loans.

Working With the Best
When volume is down, surety of execution becomes even more crucial. Using a cut-rate lender with little experience exposes you to a world of risk when you should be focused on delivering the best possible service. As a pioneer in the non-QM space, and with over $15 billion in lifetime origination volume, we’re proud to be helping brokers and borrowers traverse the non-QM sector with ease and confidence.

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