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Mark Lively

EVP Credit Risk & Operations

404-390-1100 Connect

Tom Hutchens

EVP Production

404.390.1096 Connect

Glenn Sedgwick

Chief Compliance Officer

404.390.1124 Connect

Alysse Prosnick

SVP Operations

404.991.5108 Connect

Steven Winokur

Chief Marketing Officer

404.637.0393 Connect

Jamie Bellingham

Regional VP of Sales

843.224.0566 Connect

Dennis Colon

Regional VP of Sales

720.354.1339 Connect

John Jeanmonod

Regional VP of Sales

214.683.6096 Connect

Larry Mize

Regional VP of Sales

615.579.6506 Connect

John Wise

Regional VP of Sales

818.391.4131 Connect

Melanie Por

VP Credit Risk

404.637.0373 Connect

Travis LaLonde

VP Operations (Dallas)

214.666.7820 Connect

Tom Taylor

Director of Sales Support

404.390.1099 Connect

Account Management

Michael Thimsen

Client Services Manager

404.637.0450 Connect

Broker Approval

Garbrielle Allen

Compliance Team Lead

404.528.2683 Connect

Closing and Disclosures

William Goodwin

Manager (Atlanta)

404-528-2699 Connect

Disclosures & Loan Set Up

Steve Krasnoff

Compliance Set Up Manager

470.240.3061 Connect


Ashley Guadagna

Marketing Manager

470.240.3068 Connect


Michael Ingraham

Underwriting Manager

214.666.7892 Connect

Sean Welsh

Underwriting Manager

214.666.7823 Connect