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Erick Castro

Account Executive

Account Manager

Fausto Rojas

Erick Castro, a newcomer to the non-QM space, was drawn to Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions by the promise of daily learning and the anticipation of new experiences. He values the potential for life skills and lessons that working with Angel Oak can offer, an experience he believes is unique to this organization. Erick’s background reflects a life of overcoming challenges, growing up in an immigrant family, and excelling in sports and academics. He draws from these experiences, including his time playing college baseball, to approach life with humility and leadership. Erick holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and is set to complete his MBA in March 2024. In addition to coaching college baseball, Erick runs his own baseball equipment brand, creating custom gloves and cleats.

For Erick, the mortgage and real estate industry offers an environment of constant change and challenge, which he finds invigorating. He thrives on the unpredictable nature of the market and the opportunity to apply new ideas and strategies. Erick believes that his immigrant background has instilled in him a unique perspective and resilience, qualities he believes will be valuable in helping originators grow their businesses and increase volume. He values community involvement and sees social media as a powerful tool for expanding reach and achieving growth at a rapid pace and low cost.

Erick can help grow your mortgage business with Agency and non-Agency options as another way to keep your pipelines full. For more information on our rates and mortgage programs, please use our QuickQuote tool or fill out the contact form on this page.

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