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Derrick Flowers

Account Executive

Derrick Flowers, with several years of experience in the non-QM sector, is a dynamic force in the mortgage industry. His decision to join Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions was driven by a profound passion for real estate and an admiration for the culture fostered by the leadership team. Derrick finds immense satisfaction in making a positive impact on the lives of homebuyers, homeowners, and everyone in between.

Derrick’s journey to Angel Oak began after successfully completing both his undergraduate and MBA programs at Jacksonville University in an impressive four years. During his time there, he not only excelled academically but also played Division One Men’s basketball as a scholarship athlete. His high school team secured a state championship, and Derrick’s path naturally led him to JU.

Outside the professional realm, Derrick is an avid fitness enthusiast who enjoys activities such as basketball, golf, and passionately cheering for the Mavs.

What captivates Derrick most about the mortgage and real estate industry is the ability to transform dreams into reality by helping people find their dream homes. He thrives on the educational aspect, guiding individuals through solutions that pave the way to homeownership.

Derrick’s contribution to originators is rooted in education. He takes pleasure in enlightening them on how Angel Oak’s non-QM products can keep their pipelines robust. By walking them through the process step by step, Derrick empowers originators with the knowledge and tools needed to leverage non-QM solutions effectively, ensuring sustained growth and increased volume in their businesses. 

Derrick can help grow your mortgage business with non-QM/non-Agency options as another way to keep your pipelines full. For more information on our rates and mortgage programs, please use our QuickQuote tool or fill out the contact form on this page. 

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