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Win With Non-QM – Even In Today’s Market!

We were all aware that originations would be down in 2022. The recent announcement by the Federal Reserve raising interest rates could cause a further slow down in the mortgage industry. This makes finding a new pool of borrowers a necessity! Many originators are closing their first non-QM loans with us this year after realizing they needed a new source to protect their earnings.

Where do you find non-QM borrowers? Call Angel Oak and learn how and where to prospect for self-employed, Jumbo and real estate investors.

Bank Statement Loans – A great place to start! This is our most highly utilized loan product due the large number of self-employed borrowers who cannot qualify using tax returns. No tax returns required – we qualify using 12 or 24 months of bank statements.

Non-QM Platinum Jumbo – Rising home prices pushed many homes outside the conforming loan limit. As a result, more borrowers need a Jumbo loan and many miss Prime qualifications. Let your referral partners know you have another option for Jumbo borrowers when Prime is not an option. Ours offers a one year tax return program.

Investor Cash Flow – This year seems to be the year for investment property transactions. We are closing many loans for originators with real estate investors. Real estate investors are great repeat clients and several close multiple loans at once. We can close in an LLCs name and there is no limit on total number of properties.

These loans allow non-warrantable condos and delayed financing for cash buyers who want to recoup their cash.


Call us today to learn more about these programs and other ways to keep your pipelines full in today’s market.

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