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Why So Many Originators Are Learning Non-QM

Since the back half of 2020, the management team at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions has been staggered by the sheer scale of interest it has received from originators. While much of that has come in deal volume, even more has come in educational interest. Mortgage pros are gobbling up every pamphlet, guidebook, and resource Angel Oak has to offer as it looks to serve borrowers that fall outside today’s strict agency guidelines. They’re seeing non-QM as the route to capturing purchase volume from self-employed borrowers, credit-blemished borrowers, real estate investors, and the millions of Americans who don’t fit in the agency-conforming box.

At an upcoming webinar hosted by MPA, Tom Hutchens, Angel Oak’s executive VP of production, will explain what originators want and need to understand. He’ll lay out the wide range of non-QM product sets and address some of the misconceptions borrowers and originators can have about the space. Most importantly, he’ll explain why, in today’s market, an originator cannot afford not to know non-QM.