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When Other Lenders Say “No”, We Can Say “Yes”!

It’s an all-around bad feeling to have to tell a borrower they don’t qualify for an Agency loan – especially if you don’t have another alternative loan solution. It certainly doesn’t help increase referrals to turn people away. 

So what’s the solution to saving deals AND your reputation as an originator who gets loans closed? Non-QM and Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions! 

There is a huge population of underserved borrowers who originators don’t think to market to because they don’t think they will qualify. Sounds like a waste of time so why bother? If you were to close an additional 1-3 loans a month would that still be considered a bother? We didn’t think so.

Among our target market of borrowers are self-employed and real estate investors who require non-QM to qualify for a loan.  This significant population of people are underserved in the market today and helping these borrowers could add a significant amount of volume to your bottom line. Why? The self-employed borrowers we are helping are buying higher-priced luxury homes. They just can’t use their tax returns to qualify, so they submit bank statements instead. Real estate investors love us because we have a very simple, quick to close DSCR product called Investor Cash Flow. It qualifies on the cash flow of the product – no employment, no income, no complicated documentation to submit. It helps them grow their real estate portfolios. Think about that repeat business!

Borrowers need YOUR expertise. That is why they choose to work with a broker in the first place! They think you have a secret sauce that no one else has. You do! Non-QM and Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions is the secret sauce. Except it really isn’t much of a secret. We are THE LEADER in non-QM well-known for offering alternative loan solutions for underserved borrowers. 

Isn’t it time you also became well-known as the go-to for non-QM loans that save deals?

Bank Statement

For self-employed borrowers who can’t qualify using tax returns. We allow 12 or 24 months of personal or business bank statements. Only two years seasoning for foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy, or deed-in-lieu

Investor Cash Flow

Real estate investors can build their portfolios using our no income DSCR loan product. No income, no tax returns and no employment required. This very easy loan qualifies off of the property cash flow. 

Platinum Jumbo

Borrowers who miss Prime Jumbo guidelines can still qualify for that luxury home. We offer a non-QM Platinum Jumbo loan that is competitively priced. The maximum LTV is 95% with no MI! Loan amounts to $3 million. On top of that, it only requires four years seasoning for foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy or deed-in-lieu. 

Stop saying no to underserved borrowers who deserve to purchase a home or refinance!

Increase Your Volume With The Power Of Angel Oak!