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We Have New Product Enhancements and Major Rate Reductions

We’ve made enhancements to our Platinum, Portfolio Select, and bank statement products to help you capture more non-QM business. These enhancements include guideline changes and significant rate improvements.

These changes along with our technology and phenomenal customer service means you get a happy borrower to the closing table easier and faster. Why work with anyone but the best in non-QM?

Here’s an excellent example of a loan scenario quite familiar to you based on a borrower with a credit score between 720-739 and LTV of 65%:

* General Requirements
  Rate quoted is for 30 year fixed and based on LTV requested if available.

Minimum loan amount on Platinum is $150,000. Consult with your Account Executive for interest only guidelines

  • Note: This quote is based on the borrower meeting the Standard Tradeline requirements. Need 3 tradelines reporting for a minimum of 12 months -OR- 2 tradelines reporting > 24 months; all with activity in the last 12 months. Cancelled checks for 12 or 24 months housing history may also be used as a tradeline. Additional program restrictions may also apply, contact your Account Executive for details.
  • All rates/programs are subject to review and approval by your AE.


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