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We Can’t Save Your Deal If You Don’t Tell Us About It.

You keep sending us scenarios, and we will keep closing them!

The best way to get a deal closed quickly is to pick up the phone and give us the details on your loan scenario. We can quickly walk you through it with the right loan product from the start.

Here are a few examples of scenarios we close quickly everyday:

  • Real estate investors with multiple properties including non-warrantable condos.
  • Self-employed borrower with excellent credit whose income stated on their tax return won’t qualify them for the luxury home they can afford.
  • Fall-out situation where a borrower was only two years out of a foreclosure.
  • A borrower sold their multi-million dollar business and then found the home of their dreams but had no source of income to document.

The solutions that saved these deals: Investor Cash FlowBank StatementPlatinum Jumbo and Asset Qualifier.

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