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We Can Help Present Non-QM To Realtors

As the only sector in the mortgage industry today with significant growth, many originators are turning to non-QM to help make up for lower refinance volume. In addition, we are seeing a dramatic increase in attendance for our monthly webinars and requests to learn how to do a non-QM loan. A prevailing question we receive daily is how to market and present non-QM to Realtors. Our answer – let us present on your behalf as the expert on non-QM!

Why present non-QM to Realtors?

We interviewed two originators who are very successful closing non-QM loans and this is what they had to say:

Mark Dodson, president and founder of Mortgage Capital Advisors, says he has closed deals simply by talking and presenting non-QM to Realtors. He would meet with Realtors and walk them through the challenge and how non-QM solved it. The lightbulb went off and Realtors started calling when they met a borrower with similar circumstances.

Bart Eyler, area sales manager with Bay Equity Home Loans, dedicates time with his Realtors just to discuss non-QM. He says It brings value and truly helps to increase volume. Non-QM has helped his business and strengthened relationships with his Realtor clients.

We can help you do the same. Give us a call and set up a presentation. We will come with you to present to Realtors on your behalf. It is something new and of value to bring to your Realtors. When your Realtors sell more homes and you close more loans using non-QM, you’ll be glad you did!