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We Are Ready To Help Borrowers Qualify Using Their Assets

We are ready to help your borrowers who need to qualify for a mortgage with their assets instead of income. Regardless of your borrower’s financial status, we will consider their assets for loan approval. Examples of assets include bank accounts such as checking or savings, money market accounts, investment accounts, and a certificate of deposit (CD).  Contact us for a complete list of acceptable assets.

Employment, income, or DTI is not required to determine the ability to repay the loan. Have a loan scenario that you think might fit Asset Qualifier? Use QuickQuote and find out!


    • Credit scores starting at 700
    • Up to 75% LTV
    • Loan amounts up to $3 million and a minimum of $250,000
    • Five years seasoning for foreclosure, short sale or bankruptcy
    • Interest only program is available
    • Borrowers must have at least $500,000 in post-closing assets