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Traditional and Alternative Lending Programs Bolstered by Declining Mortgage Delinquency Rates

As a result of declining mortgage delinquency rates, top mortgage wholesale providers across the country have non-prime home buyers and non-agency real estate loan brokers inquiring about alternative lending programs, wholesale mortgage loans, mortgage fallout solutions, and other attractive mortgage lending products for applications who may not qualify for Agency mortgages. The mortgage delinquency rate, a figure approximating the number of borrowers greater than 60 days in arrears, is an important indicator of economic health. The top metropolitan areas are seeing some of the most drastic drops in mortgage loan delinquencies, indicating healthy growth in line with the economic recovery.

Non-prime mortgage loans delinquency rates have been falling, suggesting a safer lending environment with better controls over alternative mortgage viability. As a result, top wholesale mortgage providers including Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions have been safely boosting the economy, enabling home buyers who may not meet general Agency qualification standards to make alternative home purchases. By offering alternative lending programs, wholesale residential mortgages, mortgage fallout solutions, and other nonprime wholesale mortgage loans, wholesale mortgage originators are encouraging homeownership and facilitating positive social change.

Though mortgage brokers are finding ample mortgage programs available to offer their prime borrowers and applicants, in order to increase lending volume and activity, alt-A wholesale mortgage lending offerings are required.  Mortgage rates are expected to increase significantly in the near future, making it an especially opportune time for brokers to provide alternative mortgage loans for their borrowers.

Today’s lending practices are built on strong borrowers, largely allowing only borrowers with high credit and no recent credit events to obtain traditional mortgage loans. Non-prime borrowers representing relatively risky mortgage loans are often given tips on improving their credit prior to applying for mortgages, helping improve the safety and stability of the mortgage market. Even so, there are low risk non-prime residential mortgage applicants with strong and stable income, a solid history of repayment, and a high likelihood of never missing a payment. Alternative wholesale mortgage providers like Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, believing these low credit borrowers actually represent very safe mortgages, take a more optimistic approach and offer alternative lending programs to help meet the demand. Top wholesale mortgage originators provide mortgage brokers seeking non-prime residential wholesale mortgage loans with a key product line balancing safety with accessibility by incorporating a deeper due diligence into each non-prime residential mortgage borrower.

As mortgage delinquency rates decline and the housing market shows signs of strength, mortgage professionals are becoming more eager to offer non-prime mortgage loans and wholesale residential mortgages to non-prime buyers. Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, an alternative residential wholesale mortgage originator, is experiencing a great increase in demand for its non-QM mortgage products, in effect increasing home sales. If you are searching for any kind of alternative or non-prime mortgage solution, contact Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions.

Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions offers a number of non-prime wholesale mortgage solutions for low credit borrowers.