Top Originator Strategies – Tim Canney

Top originators have great tips to incorporate into your business to grow your volume further. Tim Canney, Senior Loan Officer at First Florida Financial Group, is a trusted source with non-QM who has solid advice based on his experiences with Angel Oak’s non-QM products that have resulted in gains for his business month over month.

He says the response in regards to non-QM has been very good because people didn’t know they could do these loans. Tim says that realtors who have been in the business for a long time in South Florida working with a large population of self-employed borrowers have had to say no time and time again. Now they are aware of these loans that help the self-employed borrower and they love that they now hear, yes, we can help them. They have seen their business grow and it has made a difference.

Tim has a great success story involving a business owner and his wife who have worked very hard with their restaurant business over the past 10 years. They have good credit and substantial income. They were only able to purchase the home of their dreams using non-QM. They are very grateful seeing their hard work and financial responsibility over the years pay off.

When asked what he would say in regards to using non-QM and Angel Oak he replied,

“At the end of they day, to shut yourself down from a segment is not wise long-term. If I’m a realtor and I know I can’t send all of my clients to you, why would I send you any of my clients? The key (working with non-QM) is getting with the right lender. If you do, go with a company like Angel Oak with their technology and business model.”

Tim said that in the beginning he was wary of non-QM because he couldn’t find the right lender and it took months to close. Now he trusts Angel Oak, the loans are easy to close and his business has shown profitable growth. He says at this point in today’s market it is foolish not to consider non-QM.

Watch this video to hear more from Tim and how his business succeeds using non-QM and working with Angel Oak. Why work with anyone but the best in non-QM?


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