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Top Originator Strategies – Robert Coomer

Top originators understand the value in utilizing Angel Oak’s non-QM products. Robert Coomer can attest to that coming from a market like Las Vegas where the needs of borrowers are unique.  In this MNN video, Robert Coomer, vice president retail market leader at Cardinal Financial Company, talks about the benefits of working with Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions. Robert explains that in Las Vegas many borrowers are tipped employees who do not always have income reflected on paper required to qualify for a traditional home loan. He says there is a dire need for alternative lending solutions for these people to buy homes. These borrowers have great credit and plenty of assets. He places his trust in Angel Oak to help clients who do not fit in the conventional financing box.

Robert does not understand the stigma non-QM seems to carry among those who think they are difficult loans and take too long to close. He says that in his experience it is quite the opposite. The loans flow seamlessly and he has closed with Angel Oak in as little as two weeks before. The difference is the customer service he receives from his account representative with Angel Oak. He maintains that he holds himself and his staff 100% accountable and accessible. Angel Oak has that same level of customer service that aligns with his work ethic and responsibility to his clients to close quickly and efficiently. Robert says non-QM products are no more time consuming than a Freddie or Fannie product. Plus, we are a pleasure to work with!  

Hear for yourself how Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions has made an impact on Robert’s business and his clients making their dream of owning a home a reality. Please note that at the time of the recording Robert worked for Mann Mortgage. He is now with Cardinal Financial Company working alongside Angel Oak as he always has.    Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions is dedicated to helping borrowers who need loan options beyond traditional financing. Top originators trust us because we have proven that we help close loans quickly and make the process seamless. 

Why work with anyone but the best in non-QM?