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Top Originator Strategies – Brandon Colberg

Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions created products designed to help underserved borrowers become homeowners. We love to hear top originators talk about how gratifying it is to help a homeowner who was not sure they could qualify for a loan due to a credit event they endured from years past. They would not have been able to help them if not for Angel Oak’s non-QM products.

Brandon Colberg, branch manager at Element Funding, has seen this scenario time and time again. He knows he can pick up the phone, call Angel Oak, run through the scenario and end up at the closing table. Brandon says that for him individual expertise is extremely important along with a seamless and user-friendly online system. He finds our portal very useful to manage the loan process and upload documents.

He confirms our products fill a niche in today’s marketplace helping those who do not fit in the Fannie Mae / Freddie Mac box. Borrowers with low credit scores who are back on their feet financially and can repay their loans deserve homes. It is good for the economy and the mortgage industry.

Brandon receives many referrals as a result of his work with Angel Oak utilizing non-QM. He has seen his business grow and he knows he can always trust Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions as the leader in non-QM. Check out his interview and hear his story. Brandon can tell you why you should not work with anyone but the best in non-QM.