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Now is the time for non-QM

Time for Non QM

NonQM offers a great opportunity to make good loans to qualified buyers especially with the challenges originators and lenders face in the market today. There are many reasons to support entering the non-QM space right now. The track record is reason enough. Angel Oak has been setting records every month in non-QM and the performance of the loans has been phenomenal. Our numbers are proof of non-QM loan performance.

Tom Hutchens, executive vice president of production here at Angel Oak, was interviewed by MPA and the resulting article “Now is the time to enter the non-QM space – Angel Oak” was featured in Mortgage Professional America (MPA). The article contains excellent information detailing the growth and benefits of why you should be using non-QM right now.

Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions is the leader in the non-QM space educating the industry for the past five years. We have innovative quality products to help more borrowers become buyers. When it comes to growing your book of business utilizing non-QM why work with anyone but the experts in the space? 

Read the full article here.