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The Key To Non-QM?

We said that non-QM would fill the gap with declining refinance volume and the certainty of margin compression. We were right! It is real and it is happening. The bottom line right now is that the refi market has changed – originators aren’t seeing the volume they had in 2021. As well, lenders across the nation see their margins compressed versus heavy Agency margins last year.

Why do we know that non-QM bridged the gap? 
​​​​​​August 2021 was our number one non-QM volume month in our history. The projection for non-QM volume in 2021 is estimated at anywhere between $25 and $45 billion. The projection for non-QM volume in 2022 is estimated to DOUBLE – don’t miss out on that! We love to ask this question…..What Is Your Share Of This Volume?

It’s so impressive that Clayton Collins, CEO of HousingWire, recently sat down with us in an interview. He asked non-QM expert Tom Hutchens, EVP production at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions to share how we are so successful in the non-QM space.

Any originator looking to increase their volume to protect their earnings and referrals should watch this brief but very informative video. And then afterwards….call us with your scenarios. You bring them and we will close them!

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