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The Key To Implementing Non-QM Products

Housing Wire recently published an article on the importance of non-QM in today’s market and how to implement non-QM products in your business. 
Watch this powerful video in the link below about our product and how it can grow your volume, featuring EVP of Production at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions Tom Hutchens being interviewed by CEO Clayton Collins of HousingWire. According to Tom Hutchens, the key is to educate your loan officers on the programs and products to give them the confidence that they can go out and sell those non-QM products. “Patience is important because it takes time – you’re not going to roll out a non-QM product and the very next month it’s going to be a significant piece of your volume,” Hutchens said. 
At Angel Oak we are excited about the growth of the overall market and look forward to working with originators who are helping more and more borrowers close more loans.

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