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The Industry Looks To Angel Oak For Answers To Navigate Today’s Market

The media is continuing to provide updates daily for originators looking to keep their volume flowing. Which lender is a key go-to for education and answers? Angel Oak!

Here are a few recent instances where Angel Oak has offered insights into the demand and growth of non-QM in today’s market: 

National Mortgage Professional on Non-QM Demand: “The boots-on-the-ground approach is similar to what Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions is doing. Its chief marketing officer, Steven Winokur, says the company’s 90 account executives make between 50 to 100 presentations a month to real estate agents about non-QM loans because they view them as the gatekeeper to the prospective borrower.”

National Mortgage Professional on Non-QM Growth: “Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions’ Executive Vice President Thomas Hutchens sees non-QM loan volume surging in the coming months. Hutchens estimated as much as $100 billion — or about 4% of the overall mortgage loan volume predicted for 2022.”

Housing Wire on Investor Confidence and Originator Growth: Managing Partner and Co-CEO of Angel Oak Capital Mike Fierman, “The demand and appetite for non-QM among investors is strong. Overall, it is likely to be a robust origination year for non-QM and originators who utilize it will make a healthy margin. Angel Oak has all channels, resources and technology available for originators. We invite originators to partner up with us and take advantage of all we offer to help increase their volume.”

Mortgage Professional America on Replacing Refi Volume: Executive Vice President of Production Tom Hutchens commenting on refi loan volume plummeting 60% in a year, “our company is now providing loan officers with more products because it’s a tight margin right now. The refi market is gone, so we’re just trying to give originators more tools to capture more loans and prospects for borrowers. Delayed financing is a big opportunity right now because of the market.”
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