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The Industry Looks To Angel Oak and Non-QM For Growth In 2021

Angel Oak and the importance of utilizing non-QM has been featured in industry news practically every week. Refinance business is projected to slow, more borrowers have changed employment or financial circumstances, and agency guidelines are stricter. All eyes are on how to increase volume for 2021 based on this information. For answers, Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions has been featured countless times as non-QM is now more important than ever.

Most recently, Angel Oak was featured in Housing Wire and Mreport. Housing Wire interviewed Mike Fierman, managing partner and co-CEO of Angel Oak, and Mreport published an article by Tom Hutchens, EVP of production, with Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions. Both articles highlight how non-QM is the only option for borrowers who don’t meet prime standards, such as the self-employed borrower, and how we are different from any other lender in the market. 


Decreasing Refinance Volume
Refis are starting to slow based on what we see as well as what is being reported by the Mortgage Bankers Association’s Weekly Application Surveys. Each article talks about how Angel Oak and non-QM will support growth once refinance volume slows significantly. 

What Sets Us Apart
We are the end investor, which means we do not have to rely on outside sources to approve our loans allowing us to move quickly to get it closed. Our vertically integrated business model ensures a more efficient loan process as we handle everything in-house from submission to servicing our loans for the life of each loan. 

2021 Projections
The non-QM market and Angel Oak will continue to grow at a rapid pace at the onset of 2021. We continue to enhance our products, improve guidelines, add to staff and further invest in technology.

Read both articles for more information on why non-QM is so important
and how to grow more volume in 2021 with Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions:

​​​​​​Housing Wire featuring Mike Fierman, managing partner and co-CEO, of Angel Oak
Mreport featuring Tom Hutchens, EVP of production, of Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions