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The Difference Angel Oak Makes in Non-Prime Correspondent Lending

As many correspondent mortgage lenders are noticing, the industry is moving toward a new form of revenue, allowing correspondent lending professionals to increase their service lines and provide opportunity to a whole new segment of clientele. This new revenue stream is simple: correspondent alternative lending.

Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions offers a number of alternative mortgage lending programs geared toward correspondent lenders, including Correspondent Prime Jumbo Mortgage, Correspondent Platinum Mortgage, Correspondent Portfolio Select Mortgage, Correspondent Alt-A Mortgage, Correspondent Personal Bank Statement Mortgage, Correspondent Business Bank Statement Mortgage, Correspondent Asset Qualifier Mortgage, Correspondent Non-Prime Mortgage, Correspondent Recent Housing Event Mortgage, Correspondent Investor Cash Flow Mortgage, and Correspondent Foreign National Mortgage.

A Better Way of Determining Creditworthiness

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, many institutional lenders went down the path of automatically rejecting anybody applying for a mortgage lending product with an excellent credit score. Even now, over a decade after the fact, we still see a lot of the same behavior from institutional, brick-and-mortar locations. Income and debt are not the only factors playing a role in a borrower’s ability to repay a mortgage loan, but to many institutional mortgage lenders, it is a key factor, if not the only factor. This created pressure for someone to find a better way to determine creditworthiness than the FICO system, which has not been updated appropriate since its inception.

 By contrast, Angel Oak was founded in the aftermath of the Great Recession with the goal of better determining creditworthiness. Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions offers corresponding mortgage lending solutions with a different perspective. It is home to a family of companies that provide and work within the space of innovative mortgage credit solutions. By leveraging our know-how and credit aptitudes, we were able to create a credit rating system based on a borrower’s ability to repay the mortgage loan, rather than looking strictly at their credit scores. Through our integrated mortgage credit and investment platform, we offer top wholesale alternative mortgage lending options as well as top correspondent mortgage lending program options to help you close home purchases using non-prime mortgage loans. Angel Oak has become the go-to provider of top alternative lending programs.

Your Dedicated Correspondent Mortgage Lending Team

At Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, we pride ourselves with providing you a network of expert account executives nationwide to help you navigate the variety of alternative correspondent mortgage lending products available. We offer the industry’s premiere mortgage assistance team to help correspondent mortgage lenders and their clientele choose the mortgage lending solutions best suited to their needs. Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions is comprised of a team of experienced non-prime mortgage lending professionals working to help you grow your correspondent lending business.

Our correspondent mortgage financing programs have been specially designed to meet the needs of your clients, whose individual circumstances may for whatever reason not meet standard Agency financing guidelines. We provide top alternative mortgage lending programs to brokers and correspondent lenders in more than thirty states and are proud to serve as your team of non-agency correspondent mortgage lending specialists.

Learn more about our many different corresponding lending mortgage offerings here or call us at 855-539-4910.


 About Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions

Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions offers non-Agency wholesale mortgage financing options, non-prime correspondent lending mortgage options, and specialized low-credit wholesale alternative mortgage solutions for brokers throughout the country. Our unique low-credit mortgage wholesale financing products for low credit consumers provides mortgage brokers the opportunity to grow their business even right after their clients experience a bankruptcy, default, or delinquency. We also provide correspondent lenders a new avenue to explore non-prime mortgage lending options specifically tailored toward the non-qualified correspondent lending market.

Our streamlined application process carries a deep flexibility for alternative mortgage applicants, and the technology platform our wholesale alternative lending process is built upon allows for paperless submission and the ability to track loan status on the fly. In essence, our streamlined process was designed to serve the top mortgage lending specialists including mortgage brokers and correspondent lenders interested in non-prime mortgage wholesale by ensuring quick response times, dependable communication, and an incredible depth to our mortgage lending portfolio.