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Don’t Bet On A Closing. Confirm Surety Of Execution From The Start

In today’s competitive market what is the most important thing to an originator? How do you protect your volume growth and referrals when working with clients?
The same answer suits both questions – Surety Of Execution! Or in other words, getting each loan to the closing table easily and as quickly as possible.

Working With Angel Oak Means Surety Of Execution Because:

  • An asset management company under the Angel Oak umbrella, Angel Oak Capital, is the end investor – not a third party
  • We do not have to seek third party approval to make exceptions or close a loan which means no last minute changes to the loan parameters
  • We calculate the income upfront for a bank statement loan so your borrower knows what they will qualify for
  • We write our own guidelines
  • Our innovative loan products are continuously updated meeting market demands: Bank Statement, No Income Investor Cash Flow, Non-QM Platinum Jumbo, ITIN, Full Doc Portfolio Select and others

​​​​​​Work with a lender who can close a loan when they say they will.

Price your scenarios quickly