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Sell More Homes By Understanding Non-QM

Capture more self-employed buyers without using tax returns, put investors into more homes with no income verification programs, and learn how to help place buyers with prior credit events into a home. Non-QM can provide you with more options to sell homes to for these borrowers who do not qualify for conventional loans. By understanding more programs, you can sell more homes and ultimately make more money.

During This Webinar You Will Learn:

  • How Bank Statement Programs can help significantly increase your transactions. ‘
  • How to help your investors take advantage of more opportunities with minimal down payment and minimal documentation.
  • The specifics of each non-QM product we offer
  • Borrower profiles for each product
  • Why your referral base will increase as you become a hero saving deals
  • How you can still work with current loan officers and these buyers
  • Where you can find these buyers

Our panel of non-QM experts:

Scott Gruebele, Senior Account Executive 
Stacy Flanigan, Senior Account Executive
Eric Morgenson, Business Development

Previously Aired on April 1st, 2021