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Save A Deal With Us

Let your referral sources know you have the solutions to help a borrower even if they won’t qualify for a conventional loan. It’s possible they are not aware of our non-QM options that are available. Non-QM can still save a deal and close as quickly as a conventional loan. 
Our account executives are ready to join you in meetings with your referral sources as the expert on non-QM. We have presentations and updated information valuable to know.
People who are self-employed and property investors needing to use cash flow CAN still qualify. Tell your referral sources you have a lender who has the products, technology, and team in place to make it happen. Sell more homes, close more loans, get more referrals!

Recent Updates To Our Guidelines:


Bank Statement program

  • Credit scores now down to 660
  • LTV’s up to 85%
  • Second home and non-owner occupied now available

Investor Cash Flow program

  • Cash-out refis are now available
Call us today and experience the difference with the leader
in Non-QM! Find an account executive in your area.