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Real Estate Radio Show Featuring Tom Hutchens

New Loan Products Helping Realtors Close 1-2 Additional Deals per Month!

The Real Estate Radio show typically does not air shows talking about loans. They feel the topic is a little dry (ahem.). They made an exception for Angel Oak because non-QM loans are making a huge impact in the market. The hosts of the show have an answer for those who still ask if non-QM loans are the same loans that led to the market crash years ago. They say no, put your fears to rest! Regulation and laws now make every loan originated to have documented ability to repay from every borrower. They asked Angel Oak’s Tom Hutchens, executive vice president of production, to join their show and explain more about the benefits of non-QM.

They asked for Tom’s insights because Angel Oak brings more to the table being the leader in non-QM and agents can easily close up to four more loans a month utilizing their products.

Listen to the show and hear Tom share information about our great menu of products that help the self-employed and other highly qualified borrowers become homeowners again. The income is there but certain factors such as an accountant who does a great job writing a lot off causes the tax returns not give an accurate account of their income. Angel Oak takes pride in helping these qualified worthy borrowers become buyers and seeing our client’s book of business grow month after month. Enjoy the show!