Proven Non-QM Scripts and Strategies To Show You How To Grow Your Volume.

Proven Non-QM Scripts and Strategies to Show you How to Grow Your Volume. Technical issues and fire alarms may have occurred during our recent webinar but the show must go on! Thanks Frank with NREP for taking over when we had to flee the scene due to a fire drill. Regardless, this webinar is extremely informative with real-life examples of recent loans that closed thanks to our non-QM products.

Tom Hutchens, EVP of Production with Angel Oak, explains how we closed a loan within 21 days for a borrower needing a Jumbo loan. This borrower had a unique circumstance that we were able to fill. People think non-QM means bad credit or align it with negativity and that simply is not true. Many borrowers are self-employed with great credit and lucrative income. They need a non-QM product such as a Bank Statement Loan to help them buy a home. Listen and hear about these scenarios in more detail as well as other loans we closed. 

We have set records in non-QM this year and we are not slowing down. Non-QM is the only segment in the mortgage industry that continues to grow and we report record gains every quarter. Utilize non-QM and report your own phenomenal growth! Why work with anyone but the best in non-QM?