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Primary Residential, Watch Your Colleague, Georges Al Halabi, Increase Volume Utilizing Non-QM

In partnership with National Mortgage Professional (NMP), we had the pleasure of talking to Georges Al Halabi for their Non-QM Mastery video series. Georges has been very successful using non-QM and we wanted to know how he has done it. He says that he is a big believer in the value of non-QM because of the volume of loans he’s closed with Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions. 
In this short video, he explains how he educates Realtors on what he knows about non-QM so they will understand the value too. Where does he get in front of them? He invites them to non-QM seminars. It has worked and it’s not as hard as you think. Watch and then start inviting your real estate agents to any non-QM conventions or seminars that you attend.
Start closing more loans with us and experience the benefits of increased referrals like Georges receives.

Watch This Video And Learn Tips To Grow Your Business!