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Our Non-Prime Product Can Help Those With Lower Credit Scores

We have a Non-Prime mortgage program for borrowers with lower credit scores. Credit events happen due to foreclosure, bankruptcy and other circumstances that can create a challenge when qualifying for a mortgage. We hear about these scenarios every day and often times our loan options are the solution to get these borrowers to the closing table

Here is a recent challenge we solved with our Non-Prime mortgage product:

Our client presented us with a scenario for a first time homebuyer with financial limitations who did not expect it to qualify for a loan. This borrower had already been turned down by another lender who would not allow gift funds. So she was referred to Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions to make it happen!

She had a 582 FICO and required maximum financing at 80%. She had 15% of total to put towards the transaction in gift funds. She met our minimum requirement of 10% and we accepted her gift funds to cover the total amount needed to complete the transaction. She and her family were extremely grateful and it put a smile on our face to hand them the keys to their first home!

Call us today with your loan scenario and find out how we can help! Experience the difference and get MORE working with Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions.


  • Rates are 30 year fixed – Not ARMs – across all programs
  • Jumbo loans down to 500 credit score
  • 1 day out of foreclosure, short sale, bankruptcy or deed-in-lieu
  • Can be used for a cash-out refinance