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Our No Income Investor Cash Flow Product Is Easy To Close

Do you have real estate investor clients who either can’t qualify for a full doc Agency loan or simply want a quick close using a DSCR option? Give them the good news that we have one.

Our Investor Cash Flow product allows your clients to qualify without submitting income or employment information. We qualify based on rental analysis to determine property cash flow. It is one of our most popular loan products because it is very easy to do and closes quickly. Many real estate investors utilize it to meet the time requirements for 1031 Exchange transactions.

  • Up to 80% LTV
  • Credit scores starting at 640
  • Minimum DSCR 1.0
  • No DSCR with minimum 700 FICO and 75% LTV
  • Non-warrantable condos allowed
  • Loans up to $1.5 million