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Our Investor Cash Flow Product Provides A Quick Close For Your Investor Clients

Saavy property investors know that opportunity exists when the market is volatile. Single family rentals typically see a surge during times of recession. As well, right now there is less competition from other buyers. This is why you should contact your property investors and let them know we are now offering our Investor Cash Flow product. Many investors want to capitalize on the housing market right now and we have the loan product that might make it happen.
Our innovative product qualifies them on cash flow and no tax returns or employment information is required. 
Time and time again real estate has proven to protect assets when the economy takes a dip. Buying investment property for cash flow could provide an opportunity due to increasing rental demand as fewer people are able to afford to buy a home. The result is in both long term appreciation and cash flow.
Highlights of Our Investor Cash Flow Product:
· Qualification based on property cash flow
· Up To 70% LTV
· Can close in LLC
· Non-warrantable condos OK
· 30 Year Fixed Rates

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