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Our Investor Cash Flow Product Is A Fan Favorite

We know we have a great Investor Cash Flow product because it’s helped many property investors grow their portfolios. It’s still nice to hear an originator specifically reference it as a loan product that helped save a deal. 

John Wise, Regional Vice President of Sales, here at Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions sat down with Karen Douglas, Vice President at Stonecastle Land & Home Financial. Karen mentioned that she recently needed a cash flow loan for her client. She says there are times when she knows they cannot get a deal done without the help of Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions. We are her go-to non-QM partner! She was able to help her client secure their loan using our Investor Cash Flow product.

  • Qualification based on cash flow
  • Up to 70% LTV
  • Non-warrantable condos ok
  • Available for purchase, rate-term and cash-out refinance