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Our Bank Statement Product Is Our Most Highly Utilized Loan

To understand non-QM Bank Statement loans is to first understand the need for them. We can assure you the demand is high based on the volume of bank statement loans we close every month. Our Bank Statement loan is the most highly utilized product here at Angel Oak. ​​​The population alone can explain the need. Self-employed people account for 18 million people which is 30% of all employees in the U.S according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. And we expect those numbers to continue to rise in the coming years.

Not only can we explain the need for Bank Statement
loans, but we can tell you HOW we get them done.


Our bank statement review team reviews, analyzes and calculates income upfront for you. Income is given to you from the start so you will know what to use.
We accept 12 or 24 months personal or business bank statements giving your borrower options to qualify.

  • Improving rates continuously
  • Adding more FICO/LTV buckets
  • Reduced reserves for cash-out refinances
  • An LTV up to 90% with no MI
  • Credit scores down to 660

We continue to improve the product making it more accessible to more borrowers. Enhanced guidelines, a review team, excellent service and a quick close is HOW we get it done. Tell your Realtors, CPAs, and any partner you work with at financial institutions to send self-employed borrowers your way. Need help explaining how it works? Invite us to the call or meeting. We will present on your behalf!

In the meantime, price it quick!