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Many Originators Are Adding To Their Volume With Non-QM. Are You?

We have helped with some great wins lately! Many of these deals were with originators closing their first non-QM loan. They came to us with a fall-out situation or other circumstances where Agency was not an option. We are working with more new originators because more borrowers require non-QM.

Check out the scenarios below and then get started prospecting for non-QM borrowers to close more loans.

Business Bank Statement
: $1.2 million loan that closed in just 7 days. This loan was a Prime Jumbo fall-out for a self-employed borrower who couldn’t qualify using tax returns. Our Bank Statement loan qualifies using 12 or 24 months of personal or business bank statements. No tax returns!

Non-Warrantable Condo: A lender had to turn down a borrower due to the condo questionnaire. The deal was sent to us and after reviewing the condo questionnaire we restructured into a Bank Statement loan. The appraisal was transferred, and the loan went from submission to CTC in 3 days!

$4 Million In Volume In 30 Days: An originator who works with us closed 9 non-QM loans with us in the past 30 days totaling $4 million in volume. How? He started by closing one non-QM loan, saw how easy it is and recognized the demand for non-QM. Now he is adding to his volume he otherwise would not be getting if not for Angel Oak and non-QM!

Understanding how non-QM works and how to be successful using it starts by closing a non-QM loan with us. Call us today and find out how to find non-QM borrowers. As well, send us any scenarios and we will help you get it closed!