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Non-QM: Why and How Answered Here

The Mortgage Leader wanted to find out exactly why non-QM is performing so well. So, they went straight to the source. Us! Tom Hutchens, executive vice president of production with Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions, sat down and explained the reasons for the phenomenal success and growth of our company and non-QM. 

They brought up a point that many do and we are happy to answer. They asked, “Why is it that at a time when the mortgage market is contracting, non-QM loans are expanding?” The answer from Tom is simple. The awareness is growing more and more every month and there are a significant number of borrowers that do not qualify based on conventional guidelines. They can prove the ability to repay their loan and we have set records in growth helping these deserving borrowers become homeowners. 

Tom goes into details about the performance of the loans, why they are doing so well, and how Realtors feel about non-QM. The article provides great insight into our company and the how’s and why’s of non-QM that everyone wants to know. 

Read the article and contact an Angel Oak account executive on how you can grow your business with non-QM. 

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