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Non-QM Platinum Jumbo LTV To 95%, NO MI

We are the first and only lender offering a non-QM Jumbo product with an LTV up to 95% with no MI.

How are we able to do this?

– Our relationship with affiliate company Angel Oak Capital – Angel Oak is the end investor.
– Upfront approval and underwriting specific to OUR guidelines with no third-party approval needed means easy and quick closings.
– Since we service our loans, we have access to loan performance data others don’t. This allows us to create products that we know will perform that fit a borrower’s needs

Why work with a lender who has to seek outside approval from third party investors that could delay a closing?

When we say a loan is cleared to close – that’s it. We close the loan. 
Our Platinum Jumbo product is incomparable and so are we!