Why Non QM Should be Part of Your Origination Mix


Andrew Berman with National Mortgage Professional says if you are not utilizing non-QM now is the time to get involved! He says Angel Oak has many resources to get you started and there really aren’t any excuses to not add non-QM to your mix. The compliments continue as we are referred to as the Kleenex or Xerox of non-QM paving the way. Thanks Andrew!

Here is another great webinar we have hosted along with NMP that answers the who, what, when, where and how of our success and non-QM as a market to dive into now.

The webinar is also a reminder that we have been doing non-QM exclusively as the leader in the market since 2013. Post crisis the only options remaining were agency and government loans or cash. There was a huge gap there and we wanted to fill that void between agency and cash. We pioneered non-QM, good originations are the focus and our loans perform. 

We are now licensed in 42 states and we have closed over 8,000 loans. We know what we are doing and customer service comes first. We hold true to our closing dates so our emphasis is on speed and focus. Originators have direct access to our underwriters. Speaking of underwriters, we have a common sense approach to underwriting following strict guidelines and regulations. We are the largest nonbank originator of non-QM and we continue to break records. 

The accolades go on and on. We have never been happier to sound like a broken record and continue to report gains month over month and year over year. 

There is still a lot to learn about Angel Oak and non-QM. Creating webinars such as this one is important to continue to educate on the potential in the non-QM market.

Watch the video to hear more about our success and why participation in non-QM is so important.

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