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Non-QM Lending Is Poised For Growth In 2021

HousingWire recently spoke with Mike Fierman, managing partner and co-CEO of Angel Oak, about the non-QM lending outlook for 2021 and how Angel Oak’s “originate to hold” model benefits originators.

HousingWire:  What sets you apart from other non-QM lenders and how does that benefit originators and investors?

Mike Fierman: One area that clearly differentiates Angel Oak is our vertical integration. At its core, Angel Oak is a vertically integrated alternative credit manager with a focus on the non-QM segment of the U.S. mortgage market. Our mortgage companies are the critical first step of our asset management process; namely, asset sourcing.

The mortgages we generate are to Angel Oak’s guidelines and 100% underwritten by Angel Oak underwriters. The loans are then sold to our affiliated asset management company where they are aggregated and securitized on behalf of our institutional clients [Angel Oak manages its non-QM loans for the entire life of the loan.]

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