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Non-QM Lending Delivers Profits and Long-Term Satisfaction

Non-QM Lending Delivers Profits and Long-Term Satisfaction

Hundreds of originators who specialize in non-QM mortgages have told me that they enjoy rewards of success that go way beyond excellent commission rates and the delight in mining a largely untapped market. Non-QM lending is a different ball game than the mass market, systematic practice of filling agency loan pipelines.

Non-QM lending has always been a personal service driven, problem-solving business. Not surprisingly, many consumers crave human interaction in an era when online lenders and mega-banks automate mortgage financing, offering potential cost savings as the only benefit.

For our diverse market economy, it’s great that both agency and non-QM products are available to meet the varied needs of consumers. If you are a Loan Officer who thrives on building relationships and nurturing worthwhile outcomes, you will experience enhanced personal satisfaction when you help people become homebuyers who are unable to qualify for agency loans.

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