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Non-QM Is A Segment Of The Market That Cannot Be Avoided

Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions’ EVP of Production Tom Hutchens joined Geoff Zimpfer on the Mortgage Marketing Radio podcast recently discussing the importance of non-QM. If you pay attention to updates on the mortgage industry, it’s hard to miss a new article, video or podcast featuring non-QM. 

That is because non-QM is what the market needs right now and the opportunity for business growth is ample utilizing non-QM. Tom breaks down the three largest overreaching categories of non-QM borrowers: self-employed, real estate investors and those who are credit challenged.

He also answers very important questions:

  • How do originators engage with Angel Oak?
  • Why do “A” paper borrowers such as self-employed not qualify for Agency loans?
  • How does non-QM give borrowers more purchase power?
  • How does non-QM allow originators to stand out as experts or problem solver?
  • What is the future of non-QM as it steadily grows?

AND last but not least…..find out what it means to Be For Someone Instead Of Everyone by stepping out of cookie-cutter loan scenarios to grow your referral base.

It’s all in the podcast

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