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Non-QM Enables “You,” The Loan Officer To Shine

There are many unique benefits that loan officers receive from producing non-QM loans, such as higher commissions, capturing an underserved market and extending pipelines. Many loan officers may not realize a crucial benefit of promoting non-QM and that is perfecting skills that transcend market conditions and can pay long-term dividends across all lines of business.

In the mainstream mortgage marketplace, focus and discipline–eternally critical to sales excellence–too often fall victim to urgencies such as lead generation, rate competition and market unpredictability. Conversely, non-QM selling enables originators to create customers, prove the rewards of homeownership and build pipelines that are durable, because their value does not rely only on the ups and downs of the market.

“My non-QM pipeline is important to my business plan for a number of reasons,” one broker told me recently. “In addition to keeping a portion of my eggs out of the agency basket, it gives my loan officers the opportunity to improve their sales and problem-solving skills.”

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