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Utilize Our Non-QM Products To Increase Your Volume!

In today’s volatile housing market, it might be challenging for you to keep your pipelines strong. The good news is that there is ample opportunity to close borrowers who cannot qualify for Agency loans or who are turned down by other lenders. Most commonly, self-employed or those with financial events like bankruptcy, are being overlooked in the mortgage industry as lenders look for more traditional loan scenarios. Therein lies your opportunity!

Utilizing Angel Oak’s non-QM products can dramatically help increase your volume!

Our flexible loan options are designed specifically to help these underserved borrowers. Build your knowledge and expertise and you’ll effectively be able to offer these non-QM solutions to the market and increase your volume.

Implement these five best practices to ensure your Realtors know about non-QM and how those products can help their more challenged borrowers. As a result, the word gets out, you become a hero and referrals start growing!

Tap Into The Power of Angel Oak!

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