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Messages Of Value To Send To Your Clients This Week

It’s important to keep in touch with your Realtors, borrowers and other referral partners. It can be a challenge though to keep coming up with information to send that could truly help them. We can help you with that!

Here are great messages to send to your clients this week that they might find of value:

Real Estate Investors Can Get A Loan If They Have More Than 10 Financed Properties.

Let your real estate investors know you have access to a DSCR Investor Cash Flow loan that does not have a limit on total number of properties. This loan does not require income or tax returns among other benefits. It qualifies on the cash flow of the property and allows short-term rentals and VRBOs.

Jumbo borrowers with declining income can get a loan.

Have you had a Jumbo borrower whose tax returns show three years of declining income? Agency will likely say no. Tell your clients that you can help them with a one year tax return program using our Platinum Jumbo product. We also accept the last 12 months of bank statements for self-employed borrowers. Send these scenarios to us and we can determine if we can qualify using the most current tax return. If so, declining income does not mean the deal is over.

These are common scenarios that hit our desks every day. We get them closed!

Send us your scenarios so we can close these deals for you too.

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