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Maximizing Lending Options To Sell More Homes

Most Realtors are not aware of what non-QM is and what a powerful tool it can be for their homebuyers. Knowing why to tell your clients and broker partners to work with Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions can make a huge difference towards increasing your earning potential.  Don’t turn away self-employed homebuyers, real estate investors or anyone less than seven years out of foreclosure or bankruptcy. There are loan options that can close them easy and quickly!

Meet our experts and learn how to beat the competition, win more clients and increase referrals! Trust us – these people have helped put lots of commission dollars in many Realtors’ and brokers’ pockets.

Our panel of non-QM experts:

Eric Morgenson, VP Business Development
Scott Gruebele, Senior Account Executive
Stacy Flanigan, Senior Account Executive

Previously Aired on November 4, 2021