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Making Non-QM Easier

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There is always a way to make anything better and leaders know improvements for efficiency are key to superior customer service. This is why Angel Oak continues to improve our processes and technology to remain the go-to resource our clients have come to trust. We set ourselves apart from other lenders by offering technology to make the loan process even more efficient and easier than it was before. As well, we have been educating the industry for over five years now and pioneered the resurgence of non-QM. We only exclusively offer non-QM and non-Agency products which is why we are known as experts in the space.

Our goal is to make non-QM a core part of a loan officer’s business where the amount of effort matches the amount of volume. We get, then, that it has to be easy and the borrower has to get to the closing table. Our innovative array of products and programs helps a diverse group of borrowers find the right loan to match their needs. We want to make sure to get it right the first time to avoid the frustration of wasting time. In fact, we calculate bank statement upfront versus going through the entire process and submitting to underwriting before knowing if the loan will work. You know from the start where your borrower stands. 

Learn more about the processes and technology that make a huge difference by reading the latest article in Mortgage Professional America featuring Tom Hutchens, executive vice president of production, with Angel Oak. Read it here. Then contact us and find out how you can close more loans easier by working with us! Why work with anyone but the best in non-QM?

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