Low Rates an Ideal Time for a Cash Out Refi


Rates are the lowest they have been since February 2018 and the Federal Reserve announced they will refrain from any foreseeable rate hikes. This is a great time for homeowners to make the most of their home equity and possibly end up with more favorable terms than their current home loan through a cash-out refinance.

Let your clients know that self-employed homeowners or those with a credit event can still qualify for a cash-out refinance. It could help improve fiscal health by using the funds to pay off credit cards, cover college tuition, finance a business or renovate a home. Contact us and we can explain how our refinance mortgage product works and how you can close more loans helping people refinance who didn’t think it was possible.

This is another way Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions helps you close more loans. Why work with anyone but the best in non-QM?

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