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Every Scenario Is Worth A Shot!

Many originators we talk to want to make sure they don’t miss any opportunities to find business. Part of that is considering every scenario that crosses your desk. For instance, how about a self-employed borrower who just started their own business only one year ago and can’t qualify under Agency guidelines?

What if that aforementioned self-employed borrower has significant assets such as a 401k or other savings? We have an Asset Qualifier product specifically for these types of circumstances. All of a sudden, that “probably won’t happen” scenario is about to be at the closing table!

Scenarios We Can Close:

Talk to CPAs, attorneys, real estate agents, wealth advisors and others and ask them to refer these types of borrowers to you. Then send us those scenarios so we can close them!

Remember, your account executive is always available to discuss loan scenarios. They can help walk you through how to best structure the loan for success.

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