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Let Your Clients Know That Now Is The Right Time For A Cash-Out Refinance!

  • U.S Census Bureau reports that equity in the U.S. housing market is at record highs. As well, LTV to housing debt is at the lowest point in the past 26 years.
  • CoreLogic issued a report on equity gains per borrowers showing the average U.S. homeowner gained $56,700 since the third quarter of 2020.

Rates are still low, but as we all know, could rise soon. Tell your borrowers to get today’s rates locked in for a cash-out refinance. Their home equity can be put to good use funding a business, tuition, or a home renovation.

Send us your scenarios! We can help with non-QM JumboBank Statement for self-employed, real estate investors through our Investor Cash Flow loan, and options for those less than seven years out of credit events such as foreclosure or bankruptcy.