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Not all non-prime lenders are created equal

May 8, 2018 – Mortgage Professional America Magazine: With non-prime making a roaring comeback in the last couple of years, now is the time for originators to add it to their toolbox. But not all non-prime lenders are created equal, according to Tom Hutchens, senior vice president of sales and marketing for Angel Oak Mortgage Solutions.

“We’ve been doing this for a long time now,” Hutchens said. “We’re coming up on five years. We only do non-QM, non-agency – exclusively. We believe that because we’re an exclusive non-QM lender, we’re an expert. That sets us apart – along with the fact that we’re a full, vertically integrated firm. We’re close to the investors. We have affiliated companies securitizing our loans. We’re not reliant on another firm telling us what they want. I think all of those are really the differentiators of Angel Oak. And we have customers who’ve been doing business with us for a number of years, and they keep coming back – so apparently we’re doing something right.”

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